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Trying out healthy food supplements at 40+

If you have reached 40+ and are still craving for Junk-food, you can safely assume that your health and fitness are in trouble. This is the age where the possibility of diabetes, lung-disorders (if you are a smoker, the possibilities are higher), digestive-system disorders etc are higher than ever before. If you have already started exercising by now, it is the wisest decision you have taken. Now it is time to concentrate on food supplements, which can keep our stamina-levels always on the high. Let us look at some of the supplements that can keep your path to health & vigor clear.

1.     Iron and calcium-supplements. Broccoli and other green-leaf based salads are highly recommended as the best supplements to curb your craving for junk-food at odd times.  You may nicely top it up with onion-slices and mint leaves.

2.     Vitamin-B-12 supplements. An average adult requires 2.4McGms of B-12 everyday. It is highly required for generation of fresh-blood.  Eggs, cheese, milk and sea-food are the ideal-sources of B-12 for you.

3.     Magnesium-Supplements. One of the major causes of heart-illnesses in the American continent today is lack of Magnesium-based supplements. Deficiency of this vital mineral also results in kidney-problems, diabetes and so on. You can either go for Magnesium-based natural pills to make up the deficiency or opt for natural-food supplements. If you are consuming about 100mgms of magnesium everyday, your heart-illnesses probabilities have already dropped by 10%. If you exceed the prescribed-level also, it naturally leads to stomach-disorders, nausea etc.

4.      Creatine-Monohydrate is one of the supplements, which gives immediate energy to your body. Natural grape-juice contains this compound. Take care that the juice is not left for more than one day, lest it should start fermenting.

If you follow this simple path, your experience after 40+ will certainly be encouraging to your own self.

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Reaping the benefits of Fitness after 40

It is said that 40 is an age, which comes in to your life without knocking on the doors. You will be surprised to know that you have attained middle-age one fine day. Your body however will start singing a different tune now. You start getting muscle and bone pain. You are unable to work for more than 4-5 hours at a stretch. Joint-pain becomes norm of the day. If you sit on the floor for a couple of minutes, your legs start aching. There are many such limitations imposed on your physical abilities. What is the solution now?

There are many fitness exercises, which can put you back on track. If you believe in the saying that life actually starts once you have reached 40+, you are the right person to read this. Your fitness program can start off with simple sit-ups and stretching exercises. Mornings are the best time to start off. Initially it is suggested that you keep your fitness program on alternate days. This is to ensure that you stay in the program for a longer time, than getting dropped out in the middle. You can start off with an hour of fitness-training everyday.

Chest-stretching is the first exercise you can get used to. Sit on a metal-chair and fold both your hands to hold the back-end with both your hands firmly. Now start stretching your chest, while trying to pull the upper-part of your body in the forward-direction.

Arms and legs-stretching is another simple and effective exercise for bringing flexibility to your body. Sit upright on the floor with your back straight and legs spread straight together. Try touching your toes by stretching your both-hands, keeping your back straight.

You can try slow jogging and brisk-walking during the morning hours as the next step to retain physical-fitness and agility intact.

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Essential fitness supplements for losing unhealthy weight effectively

When you plan your unhealthy weight shedding program, you normally consider two aspects, namely diet and exercising. Did you know that there is a third element which is essentially involved in the process? It is the right combination of fitness supplements. If you choose to take only natural-supplements, your chances of successful weight-loss program are very high. You don’t have to follow a complex plan for achieving your goals. A simple schedule like the one given here would be sufficient.

·       Amino-Acid based fitness supplements: -Basically there are two types of Amino-Acids that your body needs, namely essential and non-essential. The former needs to be supplied from external-sources, while the latter is produced within your body.

o   Some of the essential-amino-acids are

1.     Histidine-Amino-Acid: – Soy-bean milk contains optimum quantity of this compound, which helps in reducing weight.

2.     Isoleucine-Amino-Acid: – Black-beans salads contain 0.1mg of Isoleucine for every 100Gms. It is highly recommended for reducing weight.

3.     Leucine-Amino-Acid: – Whey-part of milk contains about 10% of Leucine, which is highly useful for developing muscles.

4.     Lysine-Amino-Acid: – 210Gms of Cottage-Cheese contains about 2120mg of Lysine-Amino-Acid. It helps in development of lean-muscles.

5.     Methionine-Amino-Acid: – Fish, lean-meat and Dairy-products contain Methionine. It is highly useful for skin-toning and muscle-strengthening.

6.     Phenylalanine: – Oats contain high quantity of Phenylalanine. It is highly useful for removing unhealthy-fat from your body.

7.     Threonine-Amino-Acid: – Eggs contain optimum level of Threonine. It is highly used for developing endurance and immunity-systems.

8.     Tryptophan-Amino-Acid: – Turkey contains optimum level of Tryptophan-Amino-acid. Soy-beans contain about 1.6% of Tryptophan. It is highly useful in developing a balanced-mind.

9.     Valine-Amino-Acid: – Highest concentration is found in the muscle-tissues. Mushrooms contain lots of Valine-amino-acid. It is highly useful for re-building of damaged muscle-tissues.

All the above specified supplements help in maintaining a fit and healthy lean body.